Dec 30, 2013
THEME: Wellness

2013 Was a Conversation on Wellness

As we close out the year, we’re looking back on what we thought #2013is and what we now find 2013 was. See previous posts on Sustainability, Learning, and Workplace.

In 2013, we gained further insight into how public health efforts have expanded beyond crisis response to proactively promoting health and how this approach is quickly changing the design of materials, buildings and cities. We understood the relationship between the built environment and wellness and recognized the opportunity for intervention that exists at every possible scale of design. This trend is manifesting in a range of forms; directed at both specific health challenges such as obesity, to more holistic efforts focused on changing how we design, build and live. We recognized the potency of scale in addressing these challenges from the molecular up through the global level, from our role in specifying health building materials, to optimizing interior spaces for healing and the cumulative impact of sustainable building design and resilient communities. Read about these topics, and others, by checking out the top five wellness-themed posts of the year: 

Advocating for Transparency: Six Tips for Thinking About Building and Material Health by Haley Russell
Each design project is made of hundreds of materials and building products, which begs the question – do we really understand what is in these products and how they influence both human and environmental health?

Brominated Flame Retardants: Playing With Fire For Your Health by Suzanne Drake
The growing consensus about the insidious – and toxic – nature of brominated flame retardants encourages one interior designer to reconsider what it means to specify healthy materials. 

Observations on the Patient Room Experience by Larry Metcalf
A recent hospital stays allows one experienced healthcare planner a fresh take on what works and what doesn’t in patient room design. 

The Sustainable Healthcare Imperative: Ten LEED-Certified Projects for CleanMed by Breeze Glazer
As CleanMed 2013 initiates plenty of discussion between leaders and key decision makers in the environmental sustainability and healthcare sectors, we take a look at ten recent LEED-certified projects that speak to the heart of CleanMed. 

Building Resilient Communities Through Design by Michael Bardin
Addressing post disaster public health requires a coordinated response that brings people together around products adapted to post-disaster needs, public awareness and preparation, and community. Our design for a Rapidly Deployable Health Clinic – ‘RDoC’ – does just that. 

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