Nov 20, 2012
THEME: Sustainability

5 Favorite Moments from Greenbuild 2012

It’s been great to have Greenbuild come to the Bay Area, which is home to numerous founders, movers, and shakers of the sustainability community. Dozens of Perkins+Will employees attended this year, and our team collected great knowledge and memories (in addition to plenty of eco-bags!). Here are a few favorite Greenbuild moments from the San Francisco office.


“Before I die…” Installation by Candy Chang
Artist and urban planner Candy Chang activates public space with participatory installations. Based on her 2011 installation in New Orleans, Greenbuild’s “Before I die…” interactive wall engaged passersby, inviting all to share hopes and dreams. It was a great reminder of the big picture, both as context for our ideas and motivation for our work.


Dr. Jane McGonigal on the Potential of Gaming
At the closing plenary, American game designer Dr. Jane McGonigal talked about the growing alternative-reality gaming industry and its potential application in solving real-world problems. McGonigal sees game developers as humanitarians armed with an influential power that can change the world. McGonigal provided great perspective on the sheer magnitude of the industry, highlighting the exciting opportunity that exists for collaboration among diverse disciplines.


Peter Busby on Regenerative Design
Our San Francisco office’s managing director, Peter Busby, gave a great mini-session on regenerative design, with specific focus on surpassing LEED requirements and designing buildings that actually benefit the environment. Using the VanDusen and Edmonton City Centre Airport Lands projects as case studies, Busby touched on the complexities and payoffs of going beyond LEED, beyond carbon-neutral, and more. Many thanks to Architectural Record and Greensource for hosting the session.


Philippe Cousteau, Jr. on Teaching Sustainability
The grandson of the famous Jacques Cousteau, Philippe Cousteau Jr., operates EarthEcho International, a nonprofit focused on raising awareness of marine ecosystems and empowering youth to “take action for a brighter future.” Having recognized the beneficial educational experiences of his own upbringing, Cousteau is a passionate advocate for early education around sustainability. We couldn’t agree more.


Last but not least… BIKES, BIKES, and more BIKES!
From pedicabs to competitive racing, there was plenty of bike love to go around at Greenbuild this year. Our colleagues at Integral and Environmental Building Strategies set up the highly engaging “Best Bike Challenge,” an energetic fundraising activity to benefit Haiti that relied on the bike power of conference attendees. Many Perkins+Will employees, including Bill Katz and Rob Clocker (pictured at top) participated.

Photo of our own Kam Subbarayan in a pedicab.

Did you attend Greenbuild this year? Let us know your favorite moment in the comments!

This post was originally authored by Anna Killgore.

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