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Mike Aziz

Mike is an architect and urban design leader in our New York office. His interdisciplinary approach to urban design transforms cities, waterfronts, and campuses into vibrant, healthy, resilient communities. Mike’s expertise includes over 15 years of large-scale design, urban redevelopment studies, campus planning, and zoning approvals. Through this work, Mike has earned a reputation for bringing a designer’s eye to intricate planning challenges, seamlessly synthesizing site and architecture.

Jan 08, 2018

Why Rebuilding Will Fail

As a nearly abstract concept, climate change is so easily depersonalized. Urban planner and designer Mike Aziz knows how to change that. Read More +

Feb 07, 2017

Making it to 9 Million and Beyond

As New York City's booming population tests the limits of its infrastructure, manufacturing zones may be the key to successfully balancing an expanding population, long-overdue environmental remediation, and economic development. Read More +