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Arlen Stawasz

Based in our Boston office, Arlen has over nine years of design experience and has focused his career on researching resilient design strategies for coastal communities. Arlen has conducted extensive research in the Netherlands, Bangladesh, Germany, India, New Orleans, New York, New Jersey, and Miami to learn from the most advanced water societies and their unique conditions of living with water. From policy making to community planning, understanding the human conditions of preparing for and living with flooding or hazard mitigation, his resilience work is constantly evolving, gaining national and international traction, and expanding. Arlen co-teaches an advanced resilient design studio at the Boston Architectural College that focuses on community-driven design for underserved gateway cities.

Feb 11, 2019

Confronting Rising Waters In Copenhagen

To solve complex problems, we need diverse perspectives. Last summer, Arlen Stawasz was selected as one of eight young professionals to travel to Denmark and work with a multi-disciplinary team from across the globe. Their goal: to co-develop a toolbox and case study for resilience planning and adaptation that tackles storm surge and sea level rise in Amager Strand, Copenhagen. Read More +

May 02, 2016

Academic Investments with the Climate Change Generation

Colleges and universities need to begin planning for resilience. From saving lives to protecting long-term research, institutions should lead by example for the generation that will feel the effects of climate change in nearly every aspect of their lives. Read More +

Nov 30, 2015

15 Minutes with Arlen Stawasz

A thought leader on resilience based in our Boston office, Arlen shares his influences, inspirations, and aspirations for the future of design with the Ideas + Buildings team. Read More +