Jan 27, 2016
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Building Knowledge: Creating a Network of Discovery at Perkins+Will

The architecture profession is almost unrecognizable from when I started as a builder laborer in the late 1980’s. The thirty years since then has been one of continuous learning about the potential negative and positive impacts of our built environment, and about the design strategies that can help us improve performance.  The industry has awoken, and what was once primarily a form-driven exercise has become a performance-driven endeavor aimed at maximizing the benefit to people, the planet and prosperity.

This means that, now more than ever, design is a team sport that requires many domains of expertise, expertly synthesized. Parametric design, material health, 3D printing, resiliency, regenerative design, these are all concepts that have emerged for me and the industry in the intervening years, and have the potential to vastly change and improve architecture. Mastering these new methods requires a process of continuous learning, constant testing, and improved methods from project to project.

That is why I was excited to join Perkins+Will and help assemble a dream team of experts to help create and curate a system of intelligence. By constantly asking questions—by pushing the boundaries to know more—we stay on the cutting edge. Whether it’s understanding how buildings affect the human experience, discovering the latest energy efficiency strategies, or finding the most innovative and healthy building materials and technologies, our research allows us to design smarter, more competitive build environments—for you.Labs_10

In collaboration with academics and other experts, we have created 10 research labs are at the forefront of architectural inquiry. And we’re excited to introduce you to each of them. You’ll see how the intelligence we’re cultivating ensures you’re getting the most informed, meaningful, customized design solutions possible.

We hope to inspire you to call on us a trusted source of intelligence, and to join us on our research journey. So go ahead—say “hi.” Ask us questions. Share your ideas. Through dialogue, we can innovate real-life design solutions that will ensure better buildings, places, cities, and systems in 2016 and beyond.

Discover the Research Labs here.



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