Aug 04, 2016
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Olá, Brasil! Seven Projects from São Paulo

As top athletes around the world converge in Rio de Janeiro, we’re using this opportunity to showcase some of the amazing work produced by our only office in the Southern Hemisphere.

Perkins+Will has had a local presence in Brazil since 2012, when we joined forces with São Paulo-based Rocco, Vidal + Arquitetos, whose thirty years previous experience spanned architecture, planning, and interior design. Even if you can’t hop a plane down to the Games this summer, we hope this quick tour gives you a sense of the architectural excellence that awaits you should you come and visit. Cue up the bossa nova and dive right in:

A Casa Museum:


Squeezed onto a small, triangular plot of land, this jewel box of museum takes advantage of its site by offering a double-height exhibition space, private garden area, and rental facility at the ground level, all while creating a public plaza in front of the structure. The museum’s focus on handcraft and design is expressed through material choices that exude a hand-hewn appearance.

Dona Ana Rosa Institute:



When Perkins+Will was hired to develop this project for the Dona Ana Rosa Institute (IDAR), we were encouraged by the possibility of helping an organization that has proved so important to the underserved communities of the city of São Paulo and its neighbors. Our challenge was to insert a new building into the built-up Avenida Francisco Morato region in western São Paulo. The new Institute is situated within a set of structures featuring pavilions with gable roofs that were once industrial warehouses.

As part of the program, we created a “building in transformation” capable of being an exhibition center, a theater, an administrative center, granting the nearby residents access to resources they previously did not have.  Between the structures, open spaces are activated by plantings and seating, creating a community within a community.

Trench, Rossi e Watanabe:


Located on the top floor of a downtown São Paulo tower, this legal services client came to us with a desire to create a space where one can host guests well. Almost half the upper level is dedicated to servicing visitors as a result. In creating this space, we tried to allow for natural light to reach the core with transparent dividing walls and an open break room that begins to resemble a living space more than the typical legal office.

Jardim Paulistano Residence:

RES_97_010 RES_97_024 RES_97_036 RES_97_045 RES_97_047 RES_97_029 RES_97_077

A challenging site in the Jardim Paulistano neighborhood of São Paulo afforded us the opportunity to create a highly organized system for entertaining and living, with common spaces on the ground floor (with access to outdoor greenery), reception areas on the first floor with louvers allowing for select moments of privacy, and a top floor with a master suite and pool. Linking all the floors is a central glass stair that encourages movement throughout the space.

Jardim Europa Apartment:


In order to create a cool and sophisticated apartment for a young couple that can also accommodate different numbers of friends and family, we had to design for flexibility: spaces can be open or closed depending on need, as with the kitchen space above. A unifying wood ceiling helps draw visitors throughout the space, from entryway to living area to dining room, which itself can be isolated with opaque fabric curtains.


Brazilian Financial Center Retrofit:


The existing structure, prior to renovation.

c01 c03_rodrigo

We were selected to carry out the revitalization of an existing Brazilian Financial Center building on Paulista Avenue in São Paulo. This notable piece of architecture will receive a new facade treatment and revised ground floor program that integrates more holistically with the surrounding city. With an emphasis on creating a more sustainable, healthy work environment, we looked at how architectural elements could block direct natural light while still ensuring it could illuminate the interior spaces and reduce the need for artificial light.

Vila Vertical:

c02 c01 c03

A very narrow plot of land  proved to be a wellspring of creativity. In essence, the building will create a vertical village, with family homes on one or two floors, with each unit having an outdoor area around with views to the surrounding city. Open air breezeways allow for cross-ventilation and for natural light to penetrate the core of the building.

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