Apr 07, 2015
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Working Remotely: Ten Years of Transformation

In New York City, the ten years since the 2005 transit strike that hobbled millions of commuters have seen an incredible transformation in the way we do business, both in the office and  out of it. Before the iPhone, widespread VPN or broadband wifi, the business of doing business from home (or the coffeeshop, or the coworking space) was a much slower, much less productive affair.

While Winter Storm Juno wasn’t quite the maelstrom forecasters had predicted (at least for New York City; sorry Boston!), we took the alarming forecasts as a chance to understand how people are dealing with the prospect of working at home today, conducting a chat on Twitter.

Below, see some of the takeaways we discovered while we were #RemoteforJuno in New York. Have your own experience working remotely? Share it in the comments!

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h/t to ace graphic designer Genia Narinskaya for the lovely images.

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