Dec 27, 2012
THEME: Wellness

Video: Kenya Women and Children’s Wellness Centre

The goal of the design for the Kenya Women and Children’s Wellness Centre is to create a modern healthcare facility tailored to respect the social customs, local construction, and environmental concerns of Kenya.

The patients of the wellness center will be from small villages, therefore, the center must feel familiar and non-institutional in order to encourage people to use the facility. This is achieved by burying the larger scale elements containing the diagnostic facilities below grade and organizing the remaining program as a series of village-like pavilions similar scale and texture to the surrounding communities.

A central outdoor stepping pathway connects the pavilions and a series of exterior courtyards. A corrugated metal roof extends over courtyards to create shaded exterior rooms. The massing is adjusted by positioning single-loaded, east-west bars that open up to the prevailing breezes to promote cross ventilation.

The design is a fusion of global ideas localized to the people it serves, illustrating that the model for healthcare is different around the world, and must be adjusted to locality.

This video was originally produced for the World Architecture Festival and is posted here with their permission.

  1. Phil Klump
    11:15 am on January 7, 2013 | Reply

    A fascinating and very appropriate approach to architecture that works with the local culture. I have often been disturbed to see all of the hospitals being built around the globe that are essentially copies of US models. I have 2 questions:
    1. Has it been built yet?
    2. Did you consider the potentially negative psychological impact upon patients, visitors and staff of the windowless spaces below grade?

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