Jun 30, 2015
THEME: Point of View

VIDEO: The National Center for Civil and Human Rights

As managing and design director of our North Carolina Practice, Phil Freelon provides an inside look at the stories behind the design of The National Center for Civil and Human Rights, downtown Atlanta’s newest museum. The Center is designed as a ‘Space for Action’ where visitors experience a moving personal journey as they explore the museum’s interior and exterior architecture. “Our hope is that visitors arrive in one frame of mind, but leave changed through an understanding and an emotional connection to what they have seen,” Freelon explains.

Via ARCHITECT Magazine:

The public spaces are flooded with daylight, including an overlook at the top of the central stair that is designed to give visitors a place to stop and reflect. From within, the sloping exterior walls are expressed most vividly in the third floor human rights galleries, where ‘the leaning walls add gravitas to the powerful and sometimes difficult stories being told,’ Freelon says.

In addition to Freelon, former Center director Doug Shipman and board member (and former Atlanta Mayor) the Hon. Shirley Franklin add insight into the importance of this new civic landmark for Atlanta, and the world.

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